Happy Spring! It’s That Time of the Year Again!

Spring is finally upon us! Goodbye Winter and Hello Spring! 

This year we were lucky to start off with lighter warmer weather in March. Each year the seasons shift, also shifting the time of the year the official fencing season begins. While we install fencing all year round, the most popular time of the year for fence installs begins with each spring. When the spring cleaning begins, along with yard sales and kids playing outside.  People begin to start yard work, fixing up their fences and exterior painting on their homes. 

Some things to consider when choosing a fence style are more than just appearance. How long do you expect the fence to last? Do you expect a high maintenance or lower maintenance product? The type of material you choose will also help you in the long run when selling your home. If you plan to sell your home, an easy to clean, high quality - yet low maintenance product, can assist in the home selling process.  

The types of fencing all vary from low to high pricing, low and high maintenance and vary in popularity. The most popular fencing styles may not be what everyone is looking for. A dog run area would not require a high cost product whereas a front yard fence might require a classier look. Everyone’s fencing needs are different, the good news is we are here to assist you with all of them!

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Happy Spring!! 

Ready to dig? Call 811 Markout for Utilities!

Ready to dig? Call 811 Markout for Utilities!

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