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Do you sell parts or materials I can purchase from your company?

No unfortunately we do not sell parts for fencing or material you can purchase to self install. We can direct you to the many fence retailers or wholesalers in the area.

Can I purchase a fence and install it myself from a wholesaler?

No, a wholesaler will only sell a full fence installation to a fence retailer. You are able to purchase parts from them such as hinges, latches, posts and small parts.

For customers looking to purchase small parts:

Click here to be directed to Modern Fence in North Brunswick

Click here to be directed to Taylor Fence in Freehold

I live in a homeowners association..

Please see our news and notes section for more information on Homeowners Association questions for fencing.

How long is the fence warranty?

Our materials are guaranteed against fading, pealing and chipping for 20 years. The labor on all materials is guaranteed for 2 years after the fence is installed. Examples of labor covered would be if a post just starts leaning, a latch within the first 2 years stops working or the fence literally starts falling down within the first two years, without a storm causing it.

Will you repair my fence if you did not install it?

Depending on the type of repair that needs to be done, if the fence can be repaired, we will give you a quote on what it will cost to repair it. If our estimator feels we cannot repair it, we will give you a quote on what it would cost to replace it.

If you installed my fence over 2 years ago will you repair it for freE?

Each fence install, is very different, from the measurements, to the type of fence style chosen, therefore every repair is also. Any repair under two years is covered against elements from when we installed the fence. The labor and materials are not guaranteed against Mother Nature and acts of God. The difference between a repair that is quotable depends on the type of fence and time it was installed. For example, we installed your gate and your kids or landscaper keep slamming it shut daily, making it literally come off the hinges, this would be a repair that we would quote. If we find the fence is falling apart and needs to be replaced we will tell you that. Life happens, were here to help either way!

Do you install commercial fencing?

Yes, we have for over 33 years! We specialize in all facets of the industry including commercial, industrial and educational. From indoor chain link caging to backstops for baseball fields we do it all! We also install dumpster enclosures and automatic gates. See our Merchandise section to learn more!

What types of styles of fencing do you install?

Our merchandise section has all of the information on the types including photos of fencing we have already installed. We install: PVC (Also known as Vinyl), Black and Colored Aluminum, Pool Code Enclosures, Chain link and Colored Chain link, Wood and Stockade, Split Rail, Picket Fencing, Chain Link Cages, Baseball Fencing Backstops, Soccer fields, Dumpster Enclosures and more!

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what’s the difference between your company and using a handyman?

Prior to purchasing a fence installation with us, many of our customers ask what the difference is using us, or purchasing the material themselves and having a handyman install the fence? Well, aside from lack of fence install knowledge and experience, a handyman may not be insured. This means if something were to happen you and your handyman are not covered.

We are fully licensed and registered as a Home Improvement Contractor in the State of New Jersey. License #13VHOO476800. We have full insurance coverage for Auto, General Liability and Workers Compensation. This protects you as the customer and our company if for any reason anything were to go wrong.

Whats the difference between your materials and material from lowes or home depot?

The materials we purchase for your install are from a fence wholesaler, local to us, who make the materials at their business. We do not order materials from overseas, unlicensed places, or stores such as home depot or lowes. The reason is quality and guarantee of the product. The material will last you a long time and the material is guaranteed by the wholesaler to last, or they will replace it. It’s that simple, we only use high quality materials that we know will last for our customers for many years to come.

Do you obtain a permit from my township or does rutgers fence?

Each customer is responsible for obtaining permits along with a survey and survey markers prior to us estimating or installing the fence.

why do i need a survey?

When a fence is installed, neither you or us know exactly where your property line begins or ends without a survey. The survey markers are required to tell us exactly where the fence can go. Without a survey, or survey markers we cannot install or estimate properly. If an existing fence is there, we may be able to still install without the markers but we would need a survey no matter what.

do you install pool code fencing?

Yes, we install pool code fencing and will only install pool code around a pool. It is against the law to install a fence that is not pool code around a pool.

Do you install deer fencing?

We have many different styles of fencing we offer including deer fencing.

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